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AWS S3 Client-Side Encryption

Ddvanced encryption solution designed for Amazon S3. Ensure that your data is secure both at rest and in transit, while you enjoy peace of mind.

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DuoKey for AWS S3

Built With Security And Privacy In Mind

Our solution provides multiple encryption options, including server-side encryption with Amazon S3-Managed Keys, AWS KMS-Managed Keys, and customer-provided keys. We also offer client-side encryption with AWS KMS–Managed Customer Master Key or a client-side master key. This flexibility allows you to choose the encryption method that best aligns with your security requirements and compliance standards.

DuoKey ensures the utmost protection for your data by leveraging strong encryption algorithms and industry-standard security practices. Our solution helps you meet regulatory requirements such as GDPR and HIPAA, while maintaining control over your encryption keys. With DuoKey, you can trust that your data remains confidential and secure, even in the event of unauthorized access.


Unlike traditional server-side encryption done with AWS KMS, which involves the AWS infrastructure having access to your encryption keys, DuoKey's client-side encryption ensures that the encryption process is performed locally on your client device. This approach provides an extra layer of security by keeping the encryption keys under your control, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to your sensitive data.


With traditional server-side encryption using AWS KMS, there is a level of trust placed in the cloud provider to handle the encryption keys securely. However, with DuoKey's client-side encryption, your data remains protected even if there is a breach in the cloud infrastructure, as the encryption keys are not exposed to the cloud provider.


With comprehensive logging and monitoring features, DuoKey enables you to track access to your encrypted S3 data, monitor changes, and maintain a detailed audit trail. This allows you to maintain compliance, track data usage, and detect any suspicious activities, providing better visibility and control over your encrypted assets.

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Security & privacy first

Highly secure, always keep your sensitive data private

Gain peace of mind knowing that your Amazon S3 data is protected with DuoKey's robust encryption solution.

DuoKey leverages Multi-Party Computation (MPC), a revolutionary technology, to provide enhanced security and privacy for your encryption needs. MPC enables collaborative computations among multiple parties without exposing their individual inputs, ensuring that no single entity has complete visibility or access to sensitive data.

The key benefit of using MPC in DuoKey is the ability to protect encryption keys from theft or misuse. Traditional encryption systems typically rely on a single entity to manage and store the keys, creating a potential vulnerability. With DuoKey's MPC approach, the cryptographic key is securely divided among multiple parties, and computations are performed collectively without any party having access to the full key.

Always client-side encryption is performed

No third-party can ever access your data

Dedicated tenant and vault for storing your keys

Monitor who uses your keys


What our partners think of AWS S3 with DuoKey

We appreciate DuoKey's cutting-edge approach to cloud security. Their double key encryption and advanced key management solutions not only enhance data protection but also ensure compliance. Utilizing advanced Multi Party Computation (MPC) protocols developed over decades by our team of acclaimed researchers, DuoKey delivers a superior level of cryptographic security, making it a reliable choice for safeguarding cloud applications and sensitive data.

Ahmet Tuncay - Former CEO, Sepior ApS

Blockdaemon Inc

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