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Securing Sensitive Data on ServiceNow

Enhance your peace of mind when protecting data on ServiceNow with DuoKey.

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DuoKey for ServiceNow

The Need for Data Security and Data Sovereignty in ServiceNow

As businesses increasingly migrate sensitive information to cloud environments like ServiceNow, ensuring the protection of this data against unauthorised access, breaches, and compliance violations becomes critical.

Given the nature of cloud environments, the risk of data breaches increases substantially, and the physical control over data shifts from the organisation to the cloud service provider.

Once data is in the cloud, it is no longer under the direct control of the business to which it belongs.

To address these challenges, ServiceNow offers tools like Column Level Encryption (CLE) and the Key Management Framework (KMF). CLE lets organisations selectively secure the data that is sensitive by enabling encryption at the field level, while KMF provides a robust mechanism for the creation, storage, and management of encryption keys.

When combined with DuoKey, ServiceNow’s CLE and KMF provide the level of security and compliance organisations need to safeguard their data and maintain consumer trust when using ServiceNow.

Enhanced Data Security

DuoKey uses Multi-Party Computation (MPC), HSM, and CloudHSM to ensure the highest security level for key management, far exceeding the capabilities of traditionalServiceNowsetup

Seamless Integration

DuoKey for ServiceNow works effectively within the ServiceNow environment, enhancing existing encryption without disrupting system performance or user experience.

Advanced Key Management

DuoKey for ServiceNow provides full lifecycle management of encryption keys, from creation to retirement, including rotation and revocation capabilities.

In detail

ServiceNow Encryption with True Peace of Mind

Enhance data protection and compliance

DuoKey for ServiceNow integrates seamlessly with ServiceNow’s Column Level Encryption (CLE) and the Key Management Framework (KMF) to provide an unmatched security level for data protection.

DuoKey for ServiceNow will help your organisation enjoy true peace of mind and probably sleep better at night by:

◾️ Protecting sensitive information by using your own encryption keys instead of ServiceNow’s system-generated keys.

◾️ Meeting stringent compliance requirements for data protection by providing an external and secure key management solution.

◾️ Integrating with your ServiceNow configurations and instance in a seamless manner without disruption.

Enhanced Data Security

Full Compliance

Advanced Key Management

Seamless Integration


What customers say about DuoKey for ServiceNow

DuoKey has revolutionized data security in our healthcare organization. Their encryption solutions provide robust protection for our sensitive health data, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

CISO at Large Health NGO

Large Health NGO

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