Protect your critical data Start protecting your Office document and email using DuoKey

DuoKey enables you to encrypt your sensitive document directly at the endpoint with your own encryption key and store it in Office365 or any cloud services while keeping the key under your sole control.

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Who We Are

DuoKey is a cyber security startup founded by experienced entrepreneur and cryptographer. We are partnering with one of the top security firm who patented an innovative Multi-Party Computation (MPC) scheme bringing 8+ years of research in MPC and privacy preserving encryption. We also partner with Microsoft to develop an innovative way to protect Office document with MPC.



Protect your data

DuoKey data security solution uses a defense-in-depth approach, adding layers of protection for sensitive corporate data beyond what the typical cloud provider offers.

Hold your own Key (HYOK)

There is a risk that rogue administrators working at cloud service providers accessing customer data or keys with the intent to misuse the data. With DuoKey you keep dual control of your encryption keys while protecting sensitive document stored in the cloud.

Safe protection

Experts agree that end-to-end encryption can reduce the risk of unauthorized data access and meet certain compliance and data residency requirements. DuoKey takes a complementary approaches to encryption, both using encryption keys controlled by the customer and performing the encryption at the endpoint.

Encrypt everywhere

Your encryption keys is splitted in two parts to avoid internal risk of key disclosure or complex key ceremony protocol. Possible to store the keys in HSM.

Monitor key usage

Everytime the encryption keys are accessed or used, a tamper-proof audit event is generated and stored securely. This allows you to monitor usage of your keys.

Multi-party computation

MPC (Multi-party computation) is a innovative way to reduce complexity to store sensitive key material in one place and eliminate the concept of private keys,. Every encryption is performed in a secure, distributed way to protect against cyber breaches, physical damage, and insider collusion

Report MPC and Office 365

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Do you know that with new DoubleKey encryption feature in Office 365, you can know own and control your own encryption with Azure Information Protection. 

Report MPC and Office 365