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Unlock the Power of HashiCorp Vault with DuoKey's Auto-Unseal and SealWrap Module.

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Duokey for Vault

Simplify and Strengthen Your Secrets Management with Enhanced Auto-Unseal and SealWrap Capabilities

Protecting your organization's sensitive data is paramount in today's digital landscape. By adopting DuoKey for HashiCorp Vault, you can optimize your key management practices, enhance security, and mitigate risks.

With DuoKey's advanced encryption techniques and secure key management, your keys are safeguarded against unauthorized access and potential compromise. By leveraging multi-party computation (MPC), DuoKey ensures that your keys remain secure, even in the event of a breach.


Say goodbye to manual intervention! Our Auto-Unseal feature automates the unsealing process of HashiCorp Vault, saving you time and effort. It securely retrieves the necessary keys and credentials from DuoKey, ensuring a seamless and secure unsealing experience.


Protect your secrets at rest with SealWrap. Our module enhances the default encryption capabilities of HashiCorp Vault by encrypting secrets with an additional layer of encryption. This ensures that even if the underlying storage is compromised, your secrets remain secure.

Enhanced Security

With DuoKey's module, you can leverage advanced encryption and key management capabilities to strengthen the security of your secrets. We provide robust key management features, including multi-factor authentication, access controls, and audit trails, ensuring comprehensive protection for your sensitive data.

Seamless Integration

Our module seamlessly integrates with your existing HashiCorp Vault infrastructure, allowing you to leverage its advanced secrets management capabilities without any disruption. Enjoy the benefits of Auto-Unseal and SealWrap without the hassle of complex setup or migration.

Multi-Cloud Support

With DuoKey, you can seamlessly integrate and manage keys across multiple cloud environments, ensuring consistent encryption and data protection regardless of your infrastructure setup.

Granular Access Control

Take control of key access and permissions with DuoKey's granular access control features. Define roles, manage user permissions, and enforce strong authentication methods for secure key management operations.

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Security & privacy first

Improved Security

Compliance is a critical consideration for organizations handling sensitive data. DuoKey for HashiCorp Vault enables you to meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate effective key management practices. Maintain control and demonstrate adherence to industry standards.

Efficient key access and management are vital for maintaining security. DuoKey offers granular control, audit trails, and key rotation mechanisms, empowering you to manage your keys effectively, monitor their usage, and prevent unauthorized activities.

Protecting your data from evolving cyber threats is crucial. By adopting DuoKey for HashiCorp Vault, you fortify your organization's security posture, minimize risks, and ensure the integrity of your sensitive information.

Take control of your key management practices and safeguard your organization's data with DuoKey for HashiCorp Vault. Enhance security, demonstrate compliance, and mitigate risks for a robust and protected digital environment

Enhanced Secrets Protection

Automated Unsealing Process

Advanced Encryption Capabilities

Seamless Integration Experience

Compliance and Auditability

Simplified Deployment


We are trusted by our dear partners

DuoKey's integration with HashiCorp Vault has been a game-changer for our DevOps team. The auto-unseal and sealwrap features have simplified our secrets management process and enhanced our overall security posture.

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