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Trade secrets protection

Prevent unauthorized use of assets such as photographs, films, music or software that are licensed to a third party with digital protection including encoding, encryption, or watermarking

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Secure Your Intellectual Property With Our Native Integration In Your Office 365 Workspace

DuoKey natively integrates within your workstation using Microsoft Purview

Maintain privacy throughout collaboration workflows by protecting and controlling internal and external email and file sharing workflows with employees and partners

Protected access

Apply two layers of security to your most sensitive content in Azure cloud for Microsoft Office 365 documents and files. DuoKey adds a second layer of encryption on all your document encryption keys (DEK) with a root master key (MK) that is protected using our MPC algorithm. The MK is controlled and do not exist in clear text by the final customer. Cloud provider has no access to the MK

No Leakage or Theft

Replacing Microsoft Hold your Own Key (HYOK), Double Key Encryption does not require enterprise customers to operate their own Active Directory and Rights Management servers. Instead, customers are empowered to provide their own cryptographic keys in real time

Secure collaboration

Secure your collaboration with external users while protecting highly sensitive documents or email using our DKE encryption. All files are always protected at-rest,in-transit but also in-use. This guarantee that if document is shared with other party it can't be decrypted as DuoKey adds a strong access control embedded within your content.

Keep Your Trade Secrets Private Across Cloud Environments

Privacy first

Protect any files at Rest, in-transit or in-use

We help large lawyer firm and humanitarian organization around the world to protect their Exchange online emails using Double Key Encryption for Office 365 and Customer Key using our MPC encryption.

  • Prevent your emails being leaked or access by third party
  • When sending attachements, it get automatically double encrypted
  • Collaborate securely without the headaches of PGP or SMIME
  • Your trade secrets are always protected even in use by your recipients


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