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Enhance Regulatory Compliance

In today’s data-centric world that is marred by constant data breaches and personalization of the web, individuals have been left wondering how their data is used and misused. GDPR can be best thought of as a legal framework to enforce effective, and practical data protection for personal data.

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GDPR compliance

Comply with your regulation

GDPR is not at all prescriptive regarding the technologies required to enable compliance. However, the text does make specific reference to, and strongly hints at the implementation of, encryption and pseudonymization as approaches to protect sensitive data.

Encryption is mentioned throughout the text of GDPR (Recital 83, Articles 6, 32, 34), and in each case it is positioned as an approach to mitigate risks in the processing of data. Importantly, GDPR positions encryption as a mechanism that renders personal data unintelligible to unauthorized individuals, which is a mitigating action against both a data breach and the requirement to make a notification of that breach to the data subjects. In other words, encrypted data is not regarded as personal data for the purposes of breach notification.

No leakage or theft of encryption keys

The security guarantee we aim for and will achieve, is that any adversary in a leakage model, does not learn anything beyond the inputs of the corrupted parties and output values of the functions computed by the MPC protocol

Protected access to your encryption keys

We help you enforce the most secure access control process for your corporate cloud keys but also on-premise encryption keys through our DuoKey API.

Data minimization

Achieve GDPR compliance with data minimization. Fine-grained access controls, pseudonymization, tokenization, and secure key management

Integrity and confidentiality

Ensure integrity and confidentiality of your data with DuoKey. Robust encryption, access controls, and secure key management safeguard sensitive information, ensuring GDPR compliance and data protection

In detail

Always compliant

Stay compliant

  • Comply with data protection legislation and regulations
  • Regulate the key management process
  • Maintain client data confidentiality
  • Control government access to corporate data

Protected access

Full compliance

Activity control

Real-time visibility

No leakage or theft of keys

Transparent processes

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