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Securing Connected Vehicle

Safeguard your automotive systems with DuoKey's advanced cyber-security solutions. Our comprehensive platform provides robust protection against cyber threats, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your vehicle's data and communication.

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Strengthening Vehicle Manufacturers' and Suppliers' Cyber Defenses

Empower Your Automotive Security

As the automotive industry continues to advance, the complexity of vehicles increases, bringing along new security risks. With each passing year, vehicle manufacturers integrate cutting-edge technologies, expand connectivity, and develop sophisticated systems to enhance safety and user experience. However, this progress also exposes vehicles to a wider range of potential cyber threats. With numerous communicative components, intricate supply chains, and millions of lines of code, automotive manufacturers and suppliers face the critical challenge of securing every component within their ecosystem.

DuoKey provides comprehensive security solutions designed to safeguard automotive systems against evolving threats, ensuring the integrity and reliability of your vehicles in today's interconnected world.

Meet regulatory & industry standards

Ensure compliance with evolving standards, including UNECE 155/156, IEEE 1609.2, and CIT-S, through our robust PKI and signing solutions

EU-Compliant Battery Passport

Unlock the future of battery management with our cutting-edge Battery Passport solution. Designed for transparency and security, our system provides a unique, encrypted QR code for each battery, ensuring authenticity and preventing counterfeits. Gain real-time insights into battery lifecycle, performance, and environmental impact, all accessible via a secure online portal. Our robust encryption ensures data integrity, while the user-friendly interface makes it easy for both manufacturers and consumers to access vital information. Elevate trust, compliance, and sustainability with our Battery Passport—your key to smarter, safer battery use.

Secured boot and remote attestation

Explore our comprehensive suite of IoT device security features, including secure boot, device attestation, and secure communications, to safeguard your IoT ecosystem from potential threats. With DuoKey, you can achieve end-to-end security for your IoT devices, ensuring data privacy, integrity, and authentication throughout their lifecycle

Code signing

Elevate your IoT device firmware updates with secure code signing powered by DuoKey. Ensure the integrity and authenticity of your firmware updates, protecting your IoT devices from unauthorized modifications and enhancing overall security

Device Identity and Authentication

With DuoKey's robust device identity and authentication feature, you can establish a secure and trusted connection between your IoT devices and backend systems. Ensure only authorized devices can access your network, prevent unauthorized access and potential threats, and maintain the integrity of your IoT ecosystem.

Secure Over-the-Air Updates

Ensure the integrity and authenticity of your IoT device firmware with our secure Over-the-Air (OTA) update feature. DuoKey enables encrypted and authenticated firmware updates, protecting your devices from unauthorized modifications and ensuring the highest level of security throughout the update process.

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Protecting Connected Vehicles at Scale

Identity-First Security

DuoKey's identity-first security solutions offer vehicle manufacturers and suppliers a robust defense against evolving cyber threats. By issuing certificate-based identities through a trusted PKI, manufacturers can secure vehicles with authorized code. With scalable PKI and code signing, they can manage and update roots of trust, ensuring future-proof security. DuoKey also enables component authentication, ensuring only secure components are used. Experience the power of identity-first security for connected vehicles with DuoKey.

Our security approach follows the principle of 'Security By Design,' enabling manufacturers to secure vehicles even after they have left the production line. With a scalable and flexible PKI and end-to-end code signing solution, manufacturers can efficiently manage and update roots of trust on vehicles, ensuring future-proof security and the ability to securely update software

Secure Code Signing

Robust Vehicle Identity Management

Scalable PKI for Automotive Security

Component Authentication and Authorization

Future-Proof Cybersecurity Solutions

Comply with UNECE 155/156

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