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Duokey for KMS client

Built With Security And Privacy In Mind

DuoKey for KMS

In the vast realm of enterprise data security, Key Management Systems (KMS) stand as both a beacon of protection and a source of intricate challenges. As businesses scale, so does the volume of their encrypted data, leading to an explosion in the number of encryption keys that need to be managed, leading to logistical nightmares in terms of environments, regulations and operational overheads.

Centralize Key Management

DuoKey EKM offers a centralized platform to efficiently manage and control encryption keys for your SQL databases. Easily create, store, and rotate keys while maintaining complete visibility and control over the key lifecycle.

Customizable Key Policies

DuoKey SQL EKM module allows you to define and enforce custom key policies for SQL Server databases. You have full control over key management and can set specific access controls, permissions, and encryption policies based on your organization's requirements. This ensures that only authorized users or processes can access and use the encryption keys, adding an extra layer of security to your SQL Server environment.

HSM Support

DuoKey EKM supports integration with leading Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) from trusted vendors like Securosys, Atos, Thales, Entrust, Utimaco, Fortanix, and HashiCorp Vault. Leverage the advanced security capabilities of HSMs to safeguard your encryption keys.

In detail

Security & privacy first

Highly secure, always keep your sensitive data private

Client-side encryption is the act of encrypting data before sending it to Amazon S3. To enable the client-side encryption, DuoKey generates a CMK within your application on client-side, AWS has no access to any encryption keys.

Always client-side encryption is performed

No third-party can ever access your data

Dedicated tenant and vault for storing your keys

Monitor who uses your keys


What our partners think of KMS client with DuoKey

We appreciate DuoKey's cutting-edge approach to cloud security. Their double key encryption and advanced key management solutions not only enhance data protection but also ensure compliance. Utilizing advanced Multi Party Computation (MPC) protocols developed over decades by our team of acclaimed researchers, DuoKey delivers a superior level of cryptographic security, making it a reliable choice for safeguarding cloud applications and sensitive data.

Ahmet Tuncay - Former CEO, Sepior ApS

Blockdaemon Inc

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