Multi-cloud Key Management

Securely generate and manage your own encryption keys in a multi-cloud environment

Our innovative encryption

The original goal was to develop mathematical techniques allowing multiple parties to compute functions of their combined inputs, without revealing their corresponding inputs to one another or any other party.

The concept of MPC can be applied to virtually any problem involving confidential data from multiple parties. MPC is particularly useful for preserving the confidentiality of the private key used to decrypt data or to generate a digital signature. 

Why Choose DuoKey?

Control your keys

The decentralized nature of threshold cryptography supports a virtually limitless number of applications and use case configurations. It’s primarily up to the service providers to decide which implementation approach best satisfies their collective requirements for performance, scale, flexibility, and degrees of security

Software Only

MPC eliminates the potential that one party becomes corrupted and misuses the key. It also eliminates the dependency on specialized secure hardware appliances and assures accurate and secure cryptographic operations even with widely distributed, potentially untrusted devices or clouds, without any special forms of physical security.

Incredible performance

Our implemented MPC-based key management systems provide threshold cryptographic services which are more effective, operationally compatible with today’s distributed applications and decentralized services, and provide greater confidentiality, integrity, and availability than any other known key management alternative

Always available

The ability of MPC-based systems to maintain operations even where parties become corrupt, to continue with many operations even if one or potentially more parties become unavailable, and the ability to refresh or regenerate keys or key shares even when a subset of parties are corrupt provides a materially higher degree of system availability than traditional appliance-based key management solutions

Key Management Use Cases

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