HashiConf Europe is just six weeks away and we are excited to announce even more sessions and speakers to the lineup.

Speakers from companies such as ICRC, DuoKey, MediaMarktSaturn Technology, Roblox, and Sky Betting & Gaming will cover the technical decisions, processes, and lessons learned from implementing HashiCorp tools and products in their environments, while speakers from HashiCorp’s Engineering team will share the latest deep-dives into HashiCorp product capabilities and new features.

We will present a challenging project along with a large Swiss humanitarian organization using HashiCorp Vault to provide beneficiaries a secured app whilst guaranteeing digital safety and compliance with high data protection standards. The foundations of this app are based on Security and Privacy by design which allows beneficiaries to upload their sensitive personal document encrypted with keys managed in Vault with end-to-end encryption.

Check out the website for all of our speakers and sessions, and if you have not already, register for free now. It takes less than one minute to sign up.