DuoKey for Office 365 Double Key Encryption now available on Azure MarketPlace

Lausanne, Switzerland – October 14, 2021

Lausanne, DuoKey a niche leader in Multi-Party Computation as KmaaS (Key Management as Service), today announced its DuoKey for Office 365 Double Key Encryption (DKE365) is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Now customers can evaluate DKE365 directly from the Marketplace in a Free Trial model to manage and control keys for their applications on Office 365 for Double Key Encryption, providing a complete solution for the biggest pain points of protecting, controlling and managing cryptographic keys in the public cloud and in hybrid cloud environments. DuoKey innovative Multi-Party Computation breaks the boundaries of traditional key management with a unique pure-software solution that combines both hardware-level security guarantees with the agility, scalability and efficiency of software.  

DuoKey for Office 365 enables you to encrypt your sensitive document directly at the endpoint with your encryption key and store it in Office 365 using an innovative Key management solution powered with Multi-Party Computation (MPC). We also support Cloud HSM vendors like AWS, Google KMS, Hashicorp Vault, and Hardware Security modules like Securosys Primus HSM, Atos Trustway, Thales Luna HSM, and Entrust HSM (any HSM with compatible PKCS#11 interface)

“We are excited to offer DKE365 to Microsoft Azure customers” said Nagib Aouini, CEO and founder of DuoKey

Traditionally, the best way to protect cryptographic keys was to lock them within dedicated hardware such as a hardware security module (HSM). However, today’s digital business and the extensive use of cloud services require the flexibility of software solutions that match the agility and scalability of cloud infrastructure. DuoKey provides a one-of-a-kind pure-software solution with hardware-level security, based on its innovative MPC module (DKEMPC) technology, which is backed by rigorous security proofs and uses advanced multiparty computation (MPC) algorithms. DKEMPC eliminates a critical single point of compromise in security architectures by ensuring the most sensitive keys never exist in the clear at any point in their lifecycle.

By becoming available in the Azure Marketplace, DuoKey is offering another solution for customers looking to protect, manage and control their cryptographic keys within Azure, with an elastic and easy-to-use software solution that supports all general-purpose crypto and key management use cases and APIs. Use cases such as CA, PKI, code signing, data encryption, app-level encryption,  and many others can now be easily supported on Microsoft Azure with a click of a button. DKE365 is FIPS 140-3 certification pending.

“We are excited to offer DKE365 to Microsoft Azure customers,” said Nagib Aouini, CEO and founder at DuoKey. “Now, Azure customers can easily deploy another enterprise key management solution that offers hardware-level security, with the agility and elasticity of a software solution. It also fully supports hybrid cloud environments, seamlessly connecting with on-premises HSMs and key management systems, as well as workloads on other clouds.”

DuoKey is offering a free trial of DKE365  for Azure Marketplace for a limited time only. For more information visit this link.

DuoKey SA

Established in 2020 in Lausanne, Switzerland, DuoKey is a cybersecurity innovator founded by experienced entrepreneurs and cryptographers. It is part of the Tech4Trust accelerator at the Swiss TrustValley. DuoKey solves the challenge of keeping millions of customer’s data safe. DuoKey’s cryptography team is dedicated to providing the security features their customers need to confidently move sensitive workloads to the cloud and benefit from strong security controls that help meet internal and external compliance requirements. For more information, please visit: www.duokey.ch


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